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"I look for simplicity and convenience, which are exactly what this product offers. Printed dictionaries are bulky, cumbersome and expensive. Often I need to flip through 3 or 4 dictionaries before finding the words I am looking for. WordSniffer's tool is a conglomerate of dozens of the most prestigious dictionaries available at a fraction of the price if one were to purchase them all. Individual online dictionaries are not nearly as comprehensive to fit my needs."

One-Click lookup into 1.2 million terms in 25 professional bi-lingual dictionaries.

WordSniffer is the leading multi-lingual enhancement tool that instantly enriches cross-lingual understanding and communication. Through its multi-lingual pop up tool, WordSniffer provides global corporations with the most comprehensive content exclusively licensed from major international publishers.

WordSniffer has unique solutions tailored for global enterprises, e-commerce organizations, and translation and research institutions. Our solutions will enable organizations to enhance cross lingual communication, increase international e-commerce transactions, and improve efficiency and accuracy of information exchange. Click below to see how WordSniffer can work for your organization.

Global Enterprise and e-commerce organizations

Enhance cross-lingual communication and understanding:

WordSniffer provides global enterprises with a tool to improve cross lingual information exchange by improving training of international staff, enhancing communication and quality control across global project teams, and reducing translation costs. Demo 1, Demo 2

Drive international customers to your e-commerce site:

WordSniffer allows global e-commerce sites to reach non-English speakers by providing website visitors the ability to search in their own language. Information can be understood instantly and accurately and thus increasing e-commerce sales and providing your site with a competitive advantage. Our embedded pop-up professional dictionaries help users look up difficult words with just a right-click of the mouse. Demo 1, Demo 2

Translation and Research

Increase efficiency and reduce costs of translations:

Our exclusively licensed top-quality dictionaries provide users with the most comprehensive source for multi-language dictionary lookup and information. With one click of your mouse, you can look up multiple high quality professional dictionaries of your choice resulting in increased efficiency, reduced costs and an improved learning process. See Dictionaries

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